Friday, February 16, 2018

Project 1

            With how I did the three pieces is that I wanted to do animals that were mixes of animals that were on land and in the ocean. When I did the ocean one I wanted to put a dog in the ocean and then to make the dog look like it was suppose to be the water I gave it fins. I want to show in the pieces what would it be like to have fish that were on land and animals that were on land to be in the ocean. I did a forest scene where I made a shark mixed with a deer and a lion fish mixed with a porcupine. With the sky one I decided to make a stingray with a bird because stingrays glide through the ocean so I thought it would cool if the stingray had wings. I wanted animals that were similar to be mixed together with the shark deer I thought it would be interesting to see the shark as deer instead of being a scary creature.

Monday, January 29, 2018


What I am going to do on my photomontage project is take animals that are on land and put them in the ocean. The animals that are in the ocean and put them onto land. With the sky I will mix the animals that are in the ocean and land into the sky. I am going to try and make it seem like the animals are in the environment.

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Wet/darkroom photography is photography taken with film and then after you take the picture you go to a very dark room and take the film and put the film into a canister and then you have to develop the film with chemicals. You have to let the film dry and then you take the film to a table with a light on it. Then you are able to see the film that you took. After that you can take the film into another dark room to develop the pictures and you can over expose the picture or under expose the picture depending on what you want to do with the picture. The thing though with film is that you have to have to the picture the way you want on the film because it is hard to take other pieces from one part of film and put the piece into the picture.
With Digital Photography you can take different pictures and be able to see the picture right away and then you can go onto Photoshop and the pictures you took you can cut the piece that you want from the picture and put it where you want the piece to go on the picture. With Digital Photography you are able to move thing around and with Wet/darkroom photography you only have one shot to do it and you are mostly in the dark when you are doing the picture and then after you are done you are able to develop the picture and see what you did. I have done both forms of photography and it is relaxing rolling the film even though you can not see what you are doing at all.
How accurate the assumptions are depends on who is looking at the picture because everyone sees something different than what the picture is suppose to be.  With both forms of photography you change the complete look of how the photo was set up before you went in and changed how the scene looked. Most pictures that are taken are changed in some sort of way before people see the picture. Some pictures are changed more than others. I had to do that with pictures that I took in both forms. With the film you do a lot more changing than with the Digital photography. A lot of pictures are staged than what actually happened, but is different depending on who took the picture.
The essay talked about the pictures was staged and that the pictures were taken with film. All of the pictures were in black and white and different photographers over or under exposed the picture depending on what they wanted the viewer to see. I had to do this stuff when I took photography and it was fun. I definitely do not like to change the photo that much because I like people to see what actually I saw. I like how with film you can have more error with it, but you get to know what the process is to make the picture unlike taking a picture with a digital camera.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

New Media

            How new media is inclusive is that everyone can go online and go on to Google and search for a certain artist that they want to find. So if you wanted to find their art work you could unlike traditional you would have to go to a art gallery and try to find that persons artwork and that makes it a little bit harder than going online and finding the artist artwork that you want to look at. New media is easier for people to come together and talk and critique some ones else’s artwork. With traditional you would have to wait and send your artwork to some one or go to an event with other people to get your artwork critiqued. With new media you can put your artwork online in an art websites like Deviant art and random people if they are able to can look at your art, share it, and comment on your artwork in a day or so unlike traditional art. People are more able to see the artwork that someone has done like a song, video, and etc. With the new media it also has people that could hack your computer and take personal things away. With traditional it was a little bit harder because you would bring your artwork to the gallery or where ever you were putting your artwork and was less common to get the artwork stolen.

How new media is exclusive is certain galleries or museums will not allow digital artwork into their place. You have to have software on your computer to do digital artwork with. You are also limited to what you can like certain software’s do not have everything on them so you might have to get a better software or you might not be able to do it because it is not possible to do. With traditional if you want to do something like you wanted the background to look like you cringed the background but all you did was take some plastic wrap and cover the background with that while the paint was wet and you got this cool design that you probably will not get ever again if you tried to recreate the piece. With new media if you wanted to do that you would have to try to find some sort of stamp to get that look but you would probably not be able to get the look that the traditional piece got. How new media can be exclusive is that you might only have a couple of place to go to for a job and they might be strict on what you are going to do. Not everyone likes new media like some people that critique artwork or if you go into a different direction with your music and people like the music you do and then you change it, you could get a lot of people that might not like your music anymore or people might like it a lot and you would get more fans.